The following is a channeling from a well-known source. Enjoy.

There has come a time now, in the present, that you are all being asked to shed the skin you have grown accustomed to, to release the identities that have bound you, and to let go of what you think you know.

It is an absolute fact any one in the world, in the universe, can have anything they want so long as it resonates with their highest good and the highest good of all. Detach from any perceived limits, for they are an illusion. They are a lie. Step into the space, the reality, that this plane of existence is that of abundance, is that of wholeness and completion.

It is your reality to claim if you so choose it to be.

Know this abundant reality may feel like a lie within itself, that this reality is diametrically opposed to your experience so far. Also know that in order to fully comprehend wholeness, you must know emptiness. In order to fully comprehend abundance, you must know lack. It is up to you to shatter these bonds, these chains, and to trust in the reality that you have known in your heart: there is more to your existence than you have known so far.

Your feelings are correct.

Dare to dream of the possibility that your feelings of “this cannot be it” are real!

Reconnect with the love in your heart, with the dreams you once had. Time does not bind them, nor the present. Your dreams exist in the infinite and are yours to claim. Break free of limitation and falsehood. Know that you are one with your heart’s desire, with the Universe, with all, in the infinite. This is your true form and yours to claim as you allow yourself to catapult into more than you can ever imagine.

Leaning into the reality of the infinite will help combat the heaviness, the density, and the darkness. Trust and surrender to your highest expression to alleviate the weight. There is beauty, there is grace, there is abundance. All you need to do is say yes.

Do not be afraid of your power, it has always belonged to you. Don’t stray away from your highest potential, because within holds the greatest joy and happiness you could ever possibly hope to experience, to feel.

This is yours for the claiming.

And we will wait on your signal, in love, always.

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