Today’s message is about acceptance and beingness.

While it is valid, and even necessary, to look to the future with hope and to recognize the potential and possibility for bigger and better things on Earth, allowing impatience to set in impedes the growth that is necessary, that is required. Although utopia is imminent, it’s true, it does not come by simply imagining. It does not come with anger, disapproval, or malice. The shift starts occurring in your life and in your field of energy and vision when you allow for stillness.

The stillness is what grants the clarity of the field in which you exist, in which you play. Flow becomes easier when you find stillness. Stillness is tricky in Western culture; it is often viewed as lazy, unproductive, and wasteful.

Find how stillness can be productive for you. Try it.

One way to find stillness is to lovingly accept and acknowledge the moment. 
Where are you physically? Love yourself right there. 
Where are you mentally? Love yourself right there. 
What about spiritually or emotionally? Love yourself. There. 
Don’t like it? Love yourself anyway.

Find loving acceptance through acknowledgment, forgiveness, and release. These pieces must be non-judgmental in order to be effective. The moment you allow the judgment to creep in is the moment in which you are no longer able to just, simply, exist.

Often, this is where the “work” enters.

For some, it is much more “work” than others to release judgment and expectation on our own being. But, briefly, imagine what that release feels like. It is a complete plunge into peace, even if just for a moment. This piece of existence, this softness, cannot be without energetic responsibility and mindfulness.

Again, “work”.

Rather than viewing the “work” as such, a heavy energetic pattern, view it as “training”.

This allows for space in a way that is different: you acknowledge room for growth and acceptance of your present state in one fell swoop. It likely feels lighter, more empowering, than “work”.

No one expects you to be good at this to start. It takes time and effort like any new skill. But the time and effort pay off in dividends when you realize, recognize, and release patterns that are not serving you or, likely, anyone else in your field of energy or vision.

These pieces allow space and room for you to simply be, and when you simply are, expansion follows closely afterwards.

There is beauty in every step of the process, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Believe it.
Seek it.
Achieve it.
Be it, in love.

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