Today we’re going to talk about the importance of being in flow for the individual and the Collective, beyond the natural elevation into the New Age.

Flow is a state of being that does not require hard work to maintain. The push to work is inherently different from flow comes from a place of lack. Finding your flow allows the pieces of your life to more in harmony with the rest of the Universe. Think of it like a river: the current takes you in a direction. When you meet an obstacle, you navigate around said obstacle to the best of your ability. Being in flow allows the steps to reveal themselves naturally and without pressure. Being in flow creates a harmony within and a harmony without.

Within, it seems as though all is aligned. You anticipate your next move before you must make it. You are relaxed, calm. There is no doubt in a state of flow. There is a soft consciousness: each decision you make while in a flow state naturally and perfectly aligns with highest good state of mind. You feel no fear, no concern, no doubt due to flow. Quite the contrary. You choose not to flow while in this frame of mind. Flow breeds creativity, flow breeds creation and manifestation. Flow breeds wholeness within.

Without, your state of flow achievement is inspiring to others. There is awe-inspiring moments in flow. The inherent trust in the Universe one experiences while in a flow state is reflected back to other individuals who are in, around, and witnessing such connection. The impact internal flow has with the Collective is not only bringing it more in union, but also wordlessly showing and teaching others how alignment and faith can work, if we choose.

Flow does not only exist within a space of creativity. It can exist within a space of even the mundane, such as accomplishing chores or exercise. The phrase “work flow” is not born out of hustle culture, it is born out of alignment with your Self and the Collective.

Being in flow can be ecstasy for the individual and a blessing for the Collective. What are some ways you’ve experienced flow, creative or otherwise?


Creative flow is my favorite. When I am in a state of pure channeling creatively, the entire world falls away and it is shimmy that moment. When I channel these blog posts, I am in flow. Most of the time, I don’t even remember what it is I write. Any connection to higher than myself incites flow within me.

I have worked retail or some kind of sales for many years. I always had the best numbers on a day where I was able to flow with customers, tasks, even flowing with moments of stillness.

Share you favorite flow with me, if you feel so inclined, and open yourself to the music of the Universe that is flow as you share!

Happy flowing!

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