A Message from the Owner

Caitlin Whelan, Reiki Master Teacher

A little more than 7 years ago, I was driving home on the Turnpike at 3 AM. After stopping for coffee, there was a deer in the middle of the road. Going 80 MPH I thought to myself, “I can’t afford a car accident!” and swerved to miss the deer. I blew out my front right axle and my car rolled three times, landing upside down about a foot from the white line. The first thing out of my mouth was, “I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

From that moment of acceptance, my life began to change. Things that no longer served me began to fall away, I started to view myself in a more positive and worthy light. I certainly was not without my flaws, my Ego, or my own healing to do. Even now I recognize I am merely a human being doing the best I can with what I have– flaws, Ego, and all. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic I started to dig deeper. What do I have to offer to others? How can I help the community I love?

I decided to start my own practice due to a deafening call to service.

My intention is that Lightning Rod Reiki works as a lightning rod in each of my clients’ lives: that it grounds the Divine nudges, roots the “Aha!” moments into the present, and reminds you that you do indeed have the power to change your life. The lightning refers to the coincidental synchronicities in our daily lives, the phrases that keep occurring in daily conversation with strangers or colleagues or loved ones, the song that seemingly follows you everywhere, or the nagging pain in your hip. The rod is the catalyst for genuine and lasting shift, the transition from the small nudges to reception, recognition, and realization. The Reiki is merely a tool. 

Shortly after that car accident, I started my Reiki journey. It was far from linear, as I received my Reiki Master Teacher Certification in August 2020. Between now and then I trained in the art of Taoist Yoga, traveled the country as a showgirl, and explored music and the performing arts. Prior to my introduction to Reiki, I received two BAs in Applied Psychology and Theatre at Penn State Berks campus and have an extensive background in dance. Today, I humbly offer to empower you through the art of Reiki. 

I wish you love and light in your life, and I look forward to working with you.